Nexus 5 render

Late last night, we told you about a device passing through the FCC which is believed to be the new Nexus 5. Now, a thoughtful Redditor has gone ahead and created some mock-ups of the new Nexus for us!

While these are absolutely not even close to anything official — it’s fun to consider what could be, isn’t it? The device render is a lot like the current Nexus 4 in shape, just a little squared at the corners. The rendered device is also shown next to the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 (below), to give you an idea of size and Nexus lineage.

In the now infamous video from the Android KitKat statue unveiling, we saw that the Nexus device was a touch larger than the Nexus 4, even though perspective played a part in that. A little larger, a little more square, and what looks to be a bigger camera — which all we really have to go on — all tossed into the render.

For added interest, we’ve found a GIF that shows the FCC images imposed onto the device from the KitKat video. Guus Janssen posted the GIF to his Google+ page earlier today, and the circumstantial evidence is really starting to pile up.

An FCC filing, a YouTube video that was quickly withdrawn by Google, and device renders. What else do you need? Oh, right, we still kind of want to see the device for ourselves. I almost forgot.

Nexus family


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