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Nexus 5 not an LG job, Google Edition phone not in the works either [Update]

An LG exec has revealed that the company is not working on a Nexus 5 smartphone and that a Google Experience version of its flagship devices is not in the works. Read on to find out more details!
May 28, 2013
Sony Xperia Z vs Google Nexus 4 aa (25)

An LG exec revealed in an interview with a publication that the company will not make the LG Nexus 5 and that a Google Edition version of one of its flagship devices isn’t planned either.

LG Mobile Europe vice president Won Kim told All About Phones that while the Nexus 4 was a great marketing success for the company, LG will not make the Nexus 5. According to him, such a device is not necessary for LG’s brand and profits. We would disagree, but then again we’re not in charge of LG’s mobile operations.

The same exec also said that LG doesn’t plan to counter the Galaxy S4 Google Edition with a Nexus experience version of its flagship devices. Apparently LG strongly believes in the value its user interface brings to the table, and it’s not interested in releasing devices running stock Android.

LG is not entirely done with Nexus devices just yet, as earlier today the company did announce the white Nexus 4, a device that’s similar to the black version except for the new paint job.

Earlier this year a rumor claimed that LG may be working on a new Nexus smartphone, but it looks like the company is clearly interested in putting the chatter around a potential LG Nexus 5 at rest.

As for Google Experience handsets, while LG may not be interested in such a device at this time, word on the street is that HTC would join Samsung in releasing such Google Experience handsets this year with a Nexus experience HTC One model.

LG mentioned that its relationship with Google is a very good one, even though the two companies won’t cooperate on a new Nexus device.

That said, who do you want to make your next Nexus smartphone?

[Update:] In a comment to The Next Web, LG confirmed that it’s not currently working on the Nexus 5, but that it would still consider such a proposal from Google:

What Mr. Won Kim said is that we are not currently working on a Nexus 5, which is true. But that doesn’t mean we would turn down the opportunity.