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Nexus 5, Nexus 7.7 made by LG for Google I/O, specs, features and prices leaked already

LG and Google are reportedly going to launch the Nexus 5 smartphone and Nexus 7.7 tablet at Google I/O in May, and we already have the first leaked details about these rumored devices.
January 14, 2013

You know how a few days ago we told you that LG is focusing on its new devices this year, new Nexus-branded gadgets included, and therefore it may have stopped Nexus 4 production?

Well, we still have no idea how that rumor started, but we have a new report for you that’s far more exciting, since it already talks about the future LG Nexus 5 and LG Nexus 7.7, a new smartphone and tablet, respectively, slated to arrive at Google I/O this May.

A Korean forum is apparently ready to spill the beans on these particular products – not that we’re surprised to hear again that LG may be in the front seat when it comes to designing a new Nexus handset, and even tablet – and we’re going to check them out for you, while holding on to a rather huge chunk of salt. It’s not that such leaks aren’t believable in the first place, but it’s just a bit too early to talk about devices that will be unveiled in May only – Google I/O takes place between 15-17 May.

LG Nexus 5

Not only will the next-gen Nexus smartphone be the fifth model in the series, but it will also sport a 5-inch display, hence the Nexus 5 name will make sense for more than one solid reason. The display will obviously sport a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution (440 PPI), which seems to be a display standard for high-end handsets this year, the all-new NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 8/16GB of storage, 13-megapixel camera with LED flash and auto focus and a 3-megapixel front-facing camera.

And we also happen to have pricing details for you: the 8GB model will retail for $299, which is what the current Nexus 4 model with same capacity retails for whenever it’s available in the Google Play Store.

LG Nexus 4

LG Nexus 7.7

As you can guess from the product name, the Nexus 7.7 is a 7.7-inch Android tablet – this Nexus tablet naming convention will bite them in the ass in future Nexus 7.7 generations – and it’s also expected to be a budget-friendly high-end device.

The tablet will be priced starting at $299 as well for the 8GB model, and it will offer you a 7.7-inch WUXGA display (1920 x 1200 resolution and 294 PPI), a NVIDIA Tegra 4 CPU, 2GB of RAM, 8/16GB of storage and  720p HD front and rear cameras

While the forum doesn’t mention it, we expect both devices to run the next-gen Android OS version, which could very well be Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Moreover, since we did talk about bezel-less devices the other day, we’ll also tell you that the forum post says both device will feature a thin (1mm) bezel.

Real or fake?

It’s too early to tell whether the leaks are based on actual products, but these specs and features make plenty of sense for such Nexus-branded devices. And the prices seem to be on par with Google’s 2012 Nexus-selling strategy, which will probably be adopted this year as well.

We’ll definitely keep an eye out for future Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.7 rumors, but let’s hear it from Android fans! What do you want to see in your 2013 Nexus smartphones and tablets? Will you buy LG Nexuses or would you like to see Google partner up with other companies as well?

Thanks, Kevin!