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Red Nexus 5 reportedly heading to Google Play on February 4th

If a newly leaked Sprint document proves correct, the red Nexus 5 will arrive to the Play Store on February 4th. Read on for more details!
January 30, 2014

Update (1/31): As if there wasn’t enough proof out there that the red Nexus 5 really is on its way, @evleaks has now leaked a press image of the device, as seen above.

If you had asked us a little over a week ago if Google would follow the trend of creating new colors for flagship devices after they launch, we’d probably have said no. Since then, we’ve not only seen an alleged picture of a red version of the Nexus 5, but several pictures of its retail packaging as well.

If you needed even more proof that the red Nexus 5 is on its way, today a newly leaked document from Sprint has surfaced, informing employees that the red Nexus 5 will arrive on February 4th to Google Play.

The notice is all about ensuring that employees know what is involved in activating the device on the Sprint network, and is just to let workers know that the color is on its way. From the sounds of it, the Nexus 5’s red color will not be available directly from Sprint, but it’s hard to say for sure.


For now, it’s important to remember that Google has yet to confirm the red model in fact exists, even if this latest leak and all the prior ones look pretty legit. Bottom-line, speculation is advised, though we’ll know for sure soon enough.

Anyone out there planning on picking up the red Nexus 5? For existing Nexus 5 owners, are you bummed out by your current color choice now that you know a red model may be coming our way, or happy with the color your picked? Let us know what you think in the comments below.