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Nexus 5 cases - Kevin's favorites!

We take a look at some of Kevin's favorite cases for the Nexus 5! There's something for everyone in here, so check it out!
January 13, 2014

The Google Nexus 5, manufactured by LG, has proved to be a very popular phone. While not without its flaws, the combination of high-end specifications with a mid-range price has been more than enough to overlook any shortcomings. And, with any popular device, comes a slew of accessories, official and third-party, ranging from cases, screen protectors, wireless chargers, cradles, docks, and a lot more.

Today, Kevin, aka The Tech Ninja, rounds up some of his favorite cases for the Nexus 5. Let’s take a look!

Official Nexus 5 Bumper Case

official nexus 5 bumper case-2

First up is the official bumper case for the Nexus 5. Available in a variety of bold colors, including red, yellow, black, and grey, this is the case to have if you want to stand out. Stamped into the back of the case is the word “Nexus,” exactly the same as what is seen on the back of the device itself.

Nexus 5 Official Buper Case Bottom Macro

The cutouts on the case are precise and with no wasted space. For example, while some case manufacturers use one large cutout for the camera and flash, in this case, only the black surround part of the camera is seen, with a separate cutout for the flash. Similarly, at the top of the case, you’ll find a cutout for the headphone jack, and another, separate and tiny cutout for a sensor. At the bottom are the speaker grill cutouts, which in closer inspection, definitely seem to match up to the actual speakers perfectly. The overall detail of this bumper case is something you cannot truly appreciate until you hold it.

You can get it here on Google Play.

official nexus 5 bumper case-4

The soft touch rubber feels tight and secure around the device, and should provide some shock protection, as there are no moving parts. The buttons are covered and protected as well, even though it does require a little effort to press right out of the box, but definitely gets easier and better over time.

The official Nexus 5 bumper case is high quality and tough, and features a one piece design and allows for a slight flex, which should ensure longevity. Overall, you can quite easily make out the difference between this and any low-cost generic rubber case. You can pick up the official Nexus 5 bumper case for $35 from the Google Play Store.

LG QuickCover Case


Continuing with the official cases for the Nexus 5, next up is the LG QuickCover case. Unlike the bumper case, the QuickCover case is available in just two simple colors, black on black, or white on grey. Being a slim portfolio case, the top and bottom of the case are exposed, which adds to the light weight and unobtrusive nature of the case. Granted, this may have a negative effect on protection from a fall, which is of course the primary purpose of a case.

The back of the case feels just like the back of the black version of the Nexus 5 and the back of the Nexus 7 (2013). The inside of the case is made of a soft velvet material that should keep the display scratch and scruff free. While the cutouts are as precise as the bumper case, the QuickCover case features the LG logo at the back, instead of the large Nexus sign.


As with every case or phone with this type of build material, it does prove to be a fingerprint magnet, and the LG QuickCover case is no exception. It is easy to remove smudges by simply wiping it on your shirt, but is definitely an additional inconvenience that shouldn’t have to be dealt with, with the case being as expensive as it is. Another design issue that could be a problem is the fact that the flip cover doesn’t feature a magnet to hold it in place, which could mean that in the case of a fall, the cover could open up, leaving the display unprotected.

The LG QuickCover case is a sleek and elegant case, features a solid build quality, and looks absolutely amazing on your phone. But with its issues, it’s up to you as to whether it is worth the $50 price tag. Available from the Google Play Store.

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid 2

Next is the Spigen Neo Hybrid. This is a combo case that features a soft TPU flexible cover with a hard polycarbonate bumper frame for added protection. The concept sounds cool, but this interpretation falls short of what is expected. That being said, the case fits snugly around the phone, and definitely holds up well.

The cutouts aren’t as precise as what is found with the official cases, and are a bit larger than required. The back of the case features the same matte finish that we’d expect, and the frame feels flush and smooth. The buttons are separate pieces made of a metalized polycarbonate, that works for now, but does bring up questions about the longevity of the case.

Spigen Neo Hybrid 3

On the back of the case is the Spigen logo, with Neo Hybrid etched along the side of the frame. The case adds a bit of weight to the device, which actually makes it feel more solid, and great to hold. It’s not a perfect case, but is great alternative, and comparatively cheaper, than the official cases. The Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Nexus 5 is available from Amazon for $19.99.

Noreve Nexus 5 Leather Case

LG Nexus 5 Leather Case by Noreve-1

Finally, the last case we have for you today is also the most expensive case on this list – the Noreve Leather case for the Nexus 5. Noreve is a brand that isn’t very well known in the US, but the company does have a large portfolio of cases for various devices.

The case is a horizontal flip case, which is said to be made of premium leather. The case does not have much stitching, and looks great wherever it is. This case does not feature true-to-size cutouts, but is designed to allow easy access to the speaker grills, headphone jack, sensors, buttons, and SIM slot. The cover is also a smart cover, and turns on the screen when the case is opened.

LG Nexus 5 Leather Case by Noreve-3

The case looks great! The top and sides of the case grip the phone perfectly, holding the device snugly, while allowing access to all parts of the phone. The padding is exceptional, and when pressing it down has some give to it, which should work well for impact absorption. The only minor gripe with the Noreve Leather case is that the logo on the case is a distraction and ruins some of the sleek appeal.

Nexus 5 Best Cases Side Profile

The case is available in multiple color options, and for an additional cost, you can also customize the color of the inside of the case, while also having the option of adding a back fastener for a belt clip, along with the inclusion of a plastic or metal clip. The price point is jarring at first, but if you’re looking for a great, high-quality flip case, the Noreve Leather case is the best choice. You can find out more about this case on the Noreve website here.

What are your favorite cases for the Nexus 5? Do you consider the device itself durable and high quality? Let us know guys, we do this 24/7 for you!