nexus 5 officialThe Nexus 4 was an excellent handset at a killer price when it first arrived, but one of its biggest weaknesses was the device’s 8MP shooter. With the Nexus 5 also packing an 8MP camera, you might think that the latest Nexus is plagued by the same problem, but remember that there’s a lot more to a good photo than just megapixels.

The biggest change is that the Nexus 5’s 8MP camera has a Sony IMX179 CMOS sensor and, more importantly, optical image stabilization technology. 

So does the Nexus 5 actually a deliver a solid camera taking experience? Although we’ve yet to review the device’s camera-taking abilities for ourselves, it seems that several photos taken with the Nexus 5 are now turning up to help answer that question.






While a few of the pictures aren’t exactly perfect, most of these aren’t half-bad. Of course it’s important to note that the photos are not in full resolution, and we can’t say for sure whether or not they’ve been touched up with G+ Auto Awesome.

Bottom-line, this isn’t the same 8MP shooter found in the Nexus 4 by a long-shot. Whether it’s close to being on par with other high-end flagships is another matter altogether. What do you think, impressed by these Nexus 5 photos or not?

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