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Google acknowledges Nexus 5 camera/CPU usage bug, a fix is on the way

Google has managed to pinpoint the cause of a bug involving abnormally high CPU usage and battery drain which is affecting Nexus 5 owners, and will be issuing a maintenance fix shortly.
March 5, 2014
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Some unfortunate Nexus 5 owners may have been experiencing a bug involving abnormally high CPU usage and battery drain, which turns out to be caused by applications running in the background continually trying to access the handset’s camera application. Investigation into the problem has noted that Skype, in particular, “seems to access the camera regularly from its background service in some way that triggers this bug”, although the bug isn’t a problem with Skype or other third party apps.

The issue had been noticed by Nexus 5 owners (and on a few other devices too) once they updated their handsets to the latest Android 4.4.2, but fortunately Google is preparing a fix. The bug has been officially acknowledged on the Google Issue Tracking forum, and a fix has been promised for the battery drain, and other issues in the form of a maintenance update, which perhaps will appear as Android 4.4.3.

If you’re noticing battery issues and want to find out if your device is affected, you can check by heading on over to Settings > Battery and see if mm-qcamera-daemon is eating up your battery percentage. If you are affected, the only real solution at the moment is to simply reboot your device once you notice the battery draining. You could also try uninstalling third party apps which make use of your handset’s camera.

It’s worth noting that although Google was able to verify this issue on the Nexus 5, other handset owners who are noticing a similar bug shouldn’t rely on this upcoming update to fix the problem. Instead, Google suggests that other handset owners report the bug to their respective manufacturers, as an issue with their own software could be a cause of the issue.

For those affected, Android 4.4.3 can’t come soon enough.