nexus 4 virgin mobile

Better late than never I suppose, Virgin Mobile is finally offering the Nexus 4 on their UK network, months later than their rival carriers.

Virgin Mobile is offering a range of tariffs, starting at £31 a month and ranging all the way up to £44 a month. But be warned, you’ll be signing yourself up to a 24 month contract period.

The most basic package will grant you 200 minutes of calling time, 500 texts and 500MB of data each month, and the handset won’t cost you a penny. If you don’t want to pay anything upfront for the handset but need some extra minutes the £36 a month Essential plan will give you 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 1 GB of mobile data. There’s also a £39 deal which adds unlimited mobile data and 2500 minutes to the package, and a £44 Premiere contract which throws in 500 minutes to premium UK landline numbers as well.

If you don’t mind putting down £99 upfront for the handset then you can get unlimited minutes to UK landlines, 2500 minutes to mobiles, unlimited texts and an unlimited data allowance for just £34 a month.

Virgin TV and broadband customers will receive free insurance and unlimited calls and texts to other Virgin Mobile customers, and will be able to save some additional money on their tariff for 6 months. Which seems like a pretty good deal.

Robert Triggs
Lead Technical Writer covering SoCs, displays, cameras, and everything in between. In his spare moments you'll find him building audio gadgets.