A few days ago we heard a disturbing report that was saying LG is halting Nexus 4 production in order to focus on future handsets, although no actual proof was brought to prove such allegations. Now we hear that T-Mobile stores are about to receive more Nexus 4 stock, so at least a few Android users will be able to get the device in the following days.

TmoNews got hold of a leaked screenshot that reveals Nexus 4 shipments are heading to T-Mobile stores, so in case you haven’t purchased your fourth-generation Nexus smartphone, you should check soon with one of your local T-Mobile representatives.

In fact, if you plan to buy a Nexus 4 from T-Mobile, you should make sure you head out to your local stores as fast as possible to inquire about availability. The image above reveals that we’re looking at limited stock, so even though the carrier is receiving more units, plenty of potential customers will be still unable to get their Nexus 4.

Will you try to buy the handset from T-Mobile in the following days?