Nexus 4

With Google unable to refill the Play Store Nexus 4 stocks for weeks and Ebay sellers still asking an arm and a leg for the phone, people are awfully limited in their quest for Android gold. However, T-Mobile is giving it a go one more time through its online store, putting the Nexus 4 up for grabs starting today.

Well, maybe starting today is not the ideal phrasing, as we don’t really think T-Mo will keep up with demand for more than 24 hours, but who knows, maybe the carrier will manage to surprise us… this time.

That said, if you’re looking for that perfect balance between power, looks and affordability and you’re willing to pen a two-year contract with Magenta, you can get the N4 right now for $199.99. Or you can escape carrier restrictions and get the unlocked Nexus device for $549.99 ($500 with rebate).

Of course, those prices can’t possibly compete against Google’s $349 tag for the off-contract Nexus 4 with 16 GB of storage (or the $299 with 8 gigs), but we’ve started to think seeing the phone available in the Play Store will never happen again.

Meanwhile, you could give T-Mobile’s brick and mortar stores a shot too, as some of them should have received N4 stock days ago, but you’re probably better off getting it done online. How about it, will you be acting or waiting?