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The Nexus 4 is the most talked Android device of the moment, even if it’s not always for the good reasons. Availability issues have plagued the device from day one, but the supply crunch is slowly easing, enough for Google and LG to begin selling the Nexus 4 in new markets such as Australia (from February 1 at Harvey Norman) and now South Korea.

The Nexus 4 was not supposed to sell in South Korea, but apparently, LG had a change of mind after customers voiced their frustration over the decision. According to the Chosun Ilbo, a major Korean newspaper, some local customers have even accused Google, LG, and carriers of deliberately holding back the Nexus 4 because of its disruptive price.

The National Radio Research Agency (RRA), the Korean equivalent of the FCC, has recently tested and approved the Nexus 4 for sale in South Korea. The smartphone is expected to start selling in the following two months (Q1 2013). The carriers that will range the Nexus 4 in South Korea are SK Telecom and Korea Telecom.

As a reminder, according to an LG France executive the availability issues with the Nexus 4 were caused by Google’s gross underestimation of the demand for the device. The Korean company is now working to satisfy demand, and we should see availability improving soon. For more about the Nexus 4, check out our full review.

Bogdan Petrovan
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