Not only is LG and Google’s newly released Nexus 4 a sight for sore eyes, but it’s also one extremely rare sight these days, what with its limited international launch and all.

But if you knew somebody that knew somebody that knew somebody at Google and managed to grab a Nexus 4 before it vanished into thin air, you might already be curious to take a peek in the phone’s internals and start tweaking that juicy buttery Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

We don’t know exactly why you would want to change anything about the new JB, but if you’re simply weird that way we’re glad to inform you that a root for the pure Google phone has already been achieved.

HQRaja from XDA has done the deed, and, as you’d expect, the root is pretty smooth sailing. All you have to do is unlock the bootloader, flash the insecure boot image that you can grab from this thread here, enable Android Debugging, hook up your phone to a computer via USB, and then use ADB to push BusyBox and Chainfires SuperSU to the device.

The usual set of precautions applies, so if you haven’t done anything like this before, it wouldn’t hurt to voice your doubts on HQRaja’s thread. Also, keep in mind that you’ll most likely be voiding your precious new phone’s warranty, so unless you’re planning to actually start working on custom ROMs we wouldn’t recommend rooting just yet. If you do end up rooting, have fun and let us know if everything goes okay.