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Nexus 4 apparently retired by some UK retailers, Nexus 5 coming soon?

At least two UK retailers have apparently retired the Nexus 4 further fueling speculation that a new Nexus handset may be coming soon. Will we soon see the Nexus 5 in stores?
May 9, 2013
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A new report says that some UK electronics retailers are about to retire the five-month old Nexus 4, fueling speculation that a next-gen Nexus version could soon be launched.

With just a few days to go until Google I/O 2013 kicks off, we’re not surprised to see plenty of Nexus-related rumors hit the web, so we’ll remind you that nothing is official just yet about upcoming Nexus devices.

TechRadar now says that the Nexus 4 “has been taken off the shelves of two British retailers” including Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U. The two companies have apparently stop selling the device in the region, which is still be available from Google’s online store or local carriers including O2.

We can independently confirm that neither Carphone Warehouse nor Phones4U will let you buy the Nexus 4 from their respective online stores. When searching for it on Carphone Warehouse, the handset does appear in a drop down list of suggested products, but when it comes to checking out results, you’re only offered Nexus 7 pages. Furthermore, the product page has also been retired. Phones4U still has the Nexus 4 product page up, but you can’t buy the device anymore, and it doesn’t say why you can’t order it at this time.

Considering that only a few months ago the handset was selling like hot cakes in various markets including the UK, then the simplest explanation would be that a next-gen Nexus handset is indeed in the works. Why else would retailers discontinue the “old” Nexus 4?

Are we looking at a Nexus 5 handset, possibly made by LG? Or is it that 32GB Nexus 4 LTE model that was recently mentioned by a slew of unconfirmed reports going to be unveiled at Google I/O? We’ll be able to answer that question soon enough, as the event gets underway.