Nexus 4

Once the ball gets rolling, there’s no more controlling… it. That’s how we can describe Nexus 4’s availability in a nutshell right now, although some of you might still be pissed at how long it took Google and LG to make the “ball” budge.

But there’s no time for hard feelings, folks, because the oh so elusive N4 is apparently finally getting the proper launch it deserves. After going live in Google’s German, US and Canadian Play Stores yesterday (and sticking for a change), we’re expecting the same thing to happen in France, UK, Spain and Australia later today.

The news is obviously not official, but comes from one of the sources that were spot-on with the speculations yesterday. According to this “tipster”, the Nexus 4 will be made available once again in GB, France and Spain around 7 AM PST today, while Australians will have to wait until 2 PM PST.

There’s no way to be sure all four countries will get both the 8 and 16 GB versions of the phone, but judging by how it went down in the US, Canada and Germany we think you’ll have the two at your disposal. We also assume stocks won’t ran out in just a couple of hours (this time), but just to be certain you might want to be prepared to hustle.

So, getting one, got one or don’t want one?