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Does the Nexus 4 have an overheating problem?

New reports indicate that some Nexus 4 units overheat and turn off at around 140F (60C). Does the Nexus 4 has an overheating problem?
February 17, 2013

A Reddit post tells us that the Nexus 4 automatically shuts down when reaching 140 degrees Fahrenheit – that’s precisely 60 degress Celsius (see image below) – which is not a bad thing actually, considering that it’s a measure that would prevent bad things from happening to your phone’s battery.

But it’s a bad thing if you find yourself in a situation where it shuts down because of increased heat multiple times a day, without an actual reason to explain the increased temperatures.

So does the Nexus 4 have an overheating problem?

On further investigation, you’ll find “Issue 40334: Nexus Overheating” on Google Code, a problem raised in late November 2012 that has 37 people interested in an answer, with more adding their experiences. Comparatively, the more-viral Reddit thread has 176 comments to date, some more serious than others.

From what we can tell so far by looking at Issue 40334, there isn’t a general cause for any overheating problems, although some of the reports detail similar experiences, and there’s no official answer from Google either.

Here are some instances in which the Nexus 4 overheated: increased heat around the camera, when using 3G, GPS, Google Earth, Facebook or Google Chrome, doing a benchmark, browsing the Play Store, using certain apps, talking on the phone/Skype and when playing intense video games. According to one Nexus 4 owner, pretty much doing anything, “this damn phone gets really hot.”


Some users have complained of not being able to actually talk on the phone because of its temperature, hurting their ears and/or hands in the process.

The reports kept coming in even after the Android 4.2.2 update, with the most recent ones dated a few days ago. Some of the disgruntled Nexus 4 owners put the blame on LG, with overheating being rather a manufacturing problem than a software one – apparently the Optimus G, the Nexus 4’s twin, also overheats.

Of those that kept adding updates to Issue 40334, some have already replaced their overheating Nexus 4 units, but the problem did not go away for all of them, with some users still experiencing increased heat on the device.

This wouldn’t be the first or last device that gets overheated during use, not that this is an excuse or anything, but is this a widespread problem for the Nexus 4 or does it affect only a number of devices? Have you experienced it?