Nexus 4 owners — we hate to say it, but  it’s looking increasingly likely that you won’t be able to use any USB OTG devices on your brand new super smartphone.

A few weeks after the issue was raised, Google has edited out several lines from the phone’s online guidebook that says you can connect devices like “a keyboard, mouse or even a joystick” to the smartphone via USB. The updated page now says that “USB is not supported for connecting such devices.”

While there’s always the Bluetooth way for those who like to use their keyboard and mouse accessories, the same solution can’t be applied by folks who are thinking of plugging a USB memory stick into the phone – a not so preposterous thought given the lack of an expandable storage option on the Nexus 4.

Other Nexus devices, such as the Google Nexus and the Nexus 7, also don’t sport a microSD card slot. But enabling USB OTG function on past devices is a fairly simple matter. As for the Nexus 4, it looks like the limitation is hardware-related, something that a software update or workaround can’t fix.

Any thoughts and concerns about the confirmed missing feature? Or are you still hopeful that developers will be able to come up with a solution?