LG Nexus 4

No mobile device is perfect – in case we’d have such a thing, then we’d probably stop buying anything else – so we’re always expecting new releases to come with some bugs and/or issues that can be discovered by users in regular day-to-day situations.

Such is the case with the Nexus 4, which isn’t sparred when it comes to problems either. Phandroid reports that “a small but growing number of Nexus 4 owners” found that there’s some strange “buzz or click” sound coming from the earpiece/camera area, that can be heard only when near the phone, and whether or not the handset is turned on or off.

Other Nexus 4 buyers say that they have experienced distorted calls on the device, “especially at higher volumes.” The two issues appear to be unrelated so far.

Google or LG are yet to acknowledge the issues and the publication speculates that a simple software update may not be enough to fix things, as there may be some “shielding problem within the phone’s electronics.”

The earpiece problem has apparently been signaled at least 69 times in Google’s datapase (Issue 39936: Nexus 4 constant buzzing in earpiece) and we’re certainly going to keep you updated on the matter.

Did you experience anything like this on your Nexus 4? What about the LG Optimus G, which is very similar to the Nexus 4, does it comes with similar buzzing issues?