Despite LG telling us that starting mid-February “there will no longer be any tension in the market” surrounding the Nexus 4, things are on the up and rise already. As we suspected, the listing change in several Google Play Stores from earlier today was not a coincidence, and the N4 stocks are once again being refilled.

Our German readers should be ecstatic to find out their Play Store is currently listing the hottest Android device as available, with shipping said to take “1 to 2 weeks”. The pricing hasn’t of course budged, so you can have the “precious” for as less as €299 in an unlocked flavor with 8 GB of on-board storage.

Though reports are piling on confirming the availability reboot (and we have the n4checker telling us the same), we’re unsure if Germans can purchase both the 8 and 16 GB versions of the phone. We’ll be sure to keep you in touch if we find out something, but it would be of great help if anyone from “Deutschland” would clear this up for us.

Meanwhile, we’re hearing the US and Canadian Play Stores might be next in line to get the Nexus 4 “later today”, UK will have it available tomorrow, while France is “not confirmed yet”. Exciting news almost all-around, but will Google and LG handle this rerelease any better than the previous ones?

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