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They say patience is a virtue, but so is persistence. In fact, one Google customer was so persistent about getting his LG Nexus 4 order sorted out that not only is the order on its way, the customer is getting a free phone out of the deal.

Yes, you read that right. Apparently the customer in question had ordered his phone only to never get any kind of email confirmation or shipping information. After countless emails and questions, Google decided to award his patience and persistence by giving the phone away for free.

I know, this sounds way too crazy to be true. A lot of Google customers ended up with their Nexus 4 orders messed up on November 13th, what makes this situation so different? It turns out that it might have had less to do with patience and persistence, and more to do with luck.

The email received by the frustrated customer reads as following:

Hello [***],

Thank you for contacting Google Play! It was my pleasure assisting you today with your question in regards to the status of your order. I definitely understand how important it is to know when you’ll receive your device.

If you ordered on 11/13, your order is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. If you haven’t already received a shipping confirmation email that contains the tracking number, you should receive one by end of day today.

We apologize for all the problems that this delay that this has caused you and rest assure that you will receive all your orders at no cost to you.. However, please note that it can take up to 1 business day for the tracking number to be activated. Rest assured that once you receive your ship confirmation email with your tracking number, it is in the process of shipping for an estimated arrival of Tuesday, Nov. 20

Thank You,
The Google Play Support Team

The words highlighted from the email above says it all really- it was all about the vague wording here. Apparently Chris Chavez of Phandroid ended up calling Google on the customer’s behalf to figure out if he was really getting the phone totally free or what exactly was meant by the email.

The phone conversation was quickly escalated and Google agreed to give the phone out to the customer free of charge. While this is a charitable move on Google’s part, it was really had more to do with the bad word choice in the email than anything. The customer representative likely meant the shipping was free, but Google decided to go ahead and honor the free phone deal due to the word choice in the email. If you think you can pull off the same kind of magic with Google, good luck.

Are you waiting in Limbo for your LG Nexus 4 order’s confirmation and shipping information? What has your customer service situation been like?

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