As if the whole supply and demand snafu wasn’t enough to drive people away from the Nexus 4, Google has again been caught with its pants down. With no warning, reason or explanation, the device’s factory images and binaries have vanished into thin air just hours ago.

This is obviously only a minor inconvenience – compared with the limited availability issue, at least – but if you were to have any problems with a custom ROM or any kind of software tweak and need a quick way to get your Nexus 4 restored to stock, you can’t count on Google anymore.

Meanwhile, all the other Nexus devices’ factory images, including the ones for the Android 4.2 running Nexus 7, 10 and Galaxy Nexus, are live and well on That can mean one thing and one thing only – whatever made Google so hastily pull Nexus 4’s system images is connected with the phone and phone alone.

From that point one can definitely speculate to the moon and back, but if we were to go out on a limb we’d say the situation can have only three logical explanations. One – Google wants to solve the LTE “glitch” once and for all and possibly block people from connecting the Nexus 4 to AWS 4G networks.

Two – we’ve heard more than a few complaints about the smooth running of Android 4.2.1 on the Nexus 4, so maybe Google wants to check up on the bugs and tweak a few things. Or three – a new version of Android might be coming, though that’s clearly a long shot. Either way, Google has some explaining to do and that needs to be done yesterday!