LG Nexus 4

The LG Nexus 4 smartphone officially launched today. We have seen the handset come available in some markets and we are still awaiting availability in others. The Nexus 4 has launched for those in Australia along with Europe and the UK. They key here, we are seeing plenty of reports about the handset selling out. We have yet to see the device launch for those in the US, that is expected to happen at 9AM PST (12PM EST).

But on that note, based on what we have seen in other markets, we suggest those in the US be ready and waiting when the that clock strikes 9 (or 12 depending on where you live). The reasoning here, the handset has already begun showing up on eBay and lets just say that those listings are not offering the handset for $299 or $349.

In fact, the listings that we have seen are ranging $450 plus. For example, one listing has the LG Nexus 4 priced at a Buy it Now for $475. And as if paying that premium was not bad enough, the auction is then charging $10 for shipping and notes the delivery as being sometime between November 15 and November 29. In other words, pay a premium and wait even longer.

Bottom line here, if you are in the US and want a Nexus 4 — make sure you are online and ready when sales begin. If you are located outside the US and have already missed out, why not skip eBay and see what happens with Google. After all, we would hate to see you spend that much on a phone when the Google Play store may end up getting some inventory in a week or so. Because in reality, having a brand new phone is nice, but so is keeping a $100 (or more) dollars in your bank account.

Robert Nelson

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