Nexus Q

Granted, Google is not even selling the Nexus Q anymore. Granted, the only people who have the Nexus Q in their living room are the minority who pre-ordered it. In any case, CyanogenMod has decided to give this much beleaguered device a breath of fresh air — CM 10.1 nightlies are now available for the elusive media streamer.

The standard disclaimer applies; keep in mind that these are nightlies and could contain a variety of bugs that could affect the usage of the device. However, it might be a reasonable bargain considering that this will bump up you Nexus Q to Android 4.2.1 from 4.0.4. To grab the latest nightly, hit up the source link below. Remember, the codename for the Nexus Q is ‘steelhead’, so look for future updates under that codename.

Tanay Sood

Tanay is a sophomore at Rutgers University studying Business Analytics and Information Technology. A veteran prowler of the XDA forums, his current phone of choice is Nexus 4. You will usually find him scouring the web for new ROM’s to flash or new sitcoms to watch.