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Nexus 4 gets Bluetooth 4.0 certification, Bluetooth SIG says

The Nexus 4 (LG-E960) received Bluetooth 4.0 certification, according to the Bluetooth SIG. Does this mean Android will support BLE in the near future?
May 15, 2013
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The Nexus 4 has received Bluetooth 4.0 certification with just a few days to go until Google I/O 2013, according to the Bluetooth SIG.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the handset has recently received its Bluetooth 4.0 certification. Before you ask, this is the same 3G-enabled LG Nexus 4 you may be using right now (model number LG-E960), according to the Bluetooth SIG, and there’s no mention of that Nexus 4 LTE model that’s rumored to arrive at Google I/O this year.

We’re particularly interested in Bluetooth low energy (BLE), a subset of Bluetooth 4.0 that’s energy efficient, and which isn’t available on the Nexus 4 and other Android-based mobile devices.

The Nexus 4 does have the hardware necessary to offer Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity (BLE included), but Google hasn’t so far offered support for the low-power Bluetooth spec. This could change in the near future, as the company could announce BLE support officially coming to Android via a new OS update.


This isn’t the first time we hear that Android will soon offer BLE support. A meetup posted on revealed just a few days ago that HTC will talk about BLE and OpenGL ES 3.0 during a special event on May 16, a day after Google unveils new products during its developer conference, suggesting that Android 4.3 may support such features.

We’re live at Google I/O 2013 this year, so keep following us for detailed coverage on all things Google.