It’s already pretty obvious that Google misjudged Nexus 4’s potential, but the magnitude of this demand miscalculation is only now starting to get revealed. Not only did all Nexus 4 units disappear in a matter of hours after being put up for grabs in the US and “internationally”, but it seems that Google had to cancel some originally planned launches altogether, too.

Belgium and Netherlands were not on the first batch of countries to get the Nexus 4, but, according to reports, they were supposed to see the hot 4.7-incher “by the end of November”. However, when Dutch website AndroidWorld contacted LG to confirm that ETA, they got a shocking answer.

Due to the phone’s unexpected popularity abroad, the two Benelux countries have been nixed from the release list, with LG and Google preferring to focus their efforts on a number of other countries. Furthermore, the Nexus 10 tablet might also be in stand-by in Belgium and Netherlands, though neither Samsung, nor Google have confirmed that just yet.

While AndroidWorld takes the pessimistic approach and speculates that the new Nexus duo might never come to the two countries, another Dutch website,, seems to think that the situation is not all that gloomy.

According to Tweakers, an LG spokeswoman contacted by the online publication also said that the Nexus 4 launch is on hold, but hinted at the phone’s coming sometime next year. We don’t know if that goes to the Nexus 10 as well, but we’re guessing it does.

After all, even if Netherlands and Belgium are not exactly the two most tech-savvy countries in the world, Google can’t afford to not go that extra mile and make these uber-cool new devices available to all the people that are craving for them.