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Nexus 10 now looks to be completely out of stock on Google Play, both 16 and 32GB models

Both the 16GB and 32GB models of the Samsung Nexus 10 are now listed as "out of inventory" through Google Play. Is the Samsung Nexus 10 gone for good?
January 14, 2014

Going back as early as October, the 16GB Nexus 10 has been unavailable directly from Google Play in the U.S. market, where instead we have simply been greeted by an “out of inventory” notice. Now the 32GB model’s Play stock has apparently run dry as well.

At least at the time of this writing, the Nexus 10 is still listed from the device’s page, there’s just no way to buy it. Although we wouldn’t completely count out the possibility that more inventory could be coming, judging by the fact that we haven’t seen a refill on the 16GB Nexus 10 since it ran out months ago, it doesn’t seem likely.

Does this mean a Nexus 10 refresh is just around the corner? That’s a good question. The Nexus 10 was released back in 2012, and is certainly due for an upgrade. Previously we had heard various rumors about Asus introducing the next model around the same as the Nexus 5, but obviously that never happened. For now it remains unclear who will build the next-gen Nexus 10, when it will debut or even IF it’s coming at all.

What do you think, would you like to see a new Nexus 10 model, or do you feel that the popularity of 10-inch tablets have waned enough to make such a larger model unnecessary? We will be sure to get an eye out on the listing and will update this post if/when the situation changes.