Nexus 10
Google’s inventory issues seem to have followed them into 2013. We’ve received an explanation as to why the Nexus 4 continues to be sold out. However, it appears another Nexus has gone dry in the Google Play Store. This time, it’s the Nexus 10.

There is no word on when they sold out or when they’ll be back in stock, sadly. So if you were really wanting a Nexus 10 today, you won’t be getting it from the Google Play Store. Not today at least. We’ve come to expect this problems from LG, but Samsung typically does better with their stock.

So there is no way to get a Nexus 10 in the US?

There are plenty of other options. As Android Police’s Jeremiah Rice suggests, retail outlets like Walmart or Target are an option. There are some smaller places that will carry it as well. All this means is that you can’t get it straight from Google.

A second option is simply waiting for Google I/O 2013. At last year’s Google I/O, the Nexus 7 was released. So there very well could be a newer tablet available this year that could be worth waiting for. If you must have the Nexus 10, retails stores are your only option. Was anyone looking to pick up the Nexus 10 today?

Joe Hindy
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