In case you happen to own Google’s latest Android tablet, the Samsung-made Nexus 10, then you may be interested in some official accessories to go with it. Unfortunately, you’re out of luck if you’re looking for them either from Samsung or Google.

However, some lucky buyers managed to get their Nexus 10 pogo pin charging cable from eBay these days as one eBay seller had around 54 units to go around – yes, they have been already sold out. Priced at $19.99 without shipping, which will add another $5.99 on top of that price, the Nexus 10 pogo charging cable may be a very neat addition to your charging cable pile.

The cable, apparently built by MagNector, is an “authentic” Nexus 10 pogo charging cable according to the listing, and is shipping directly from South Korea. While the accessory can’t be ordered anymore at this time, chances are that more units will find their way to eBay in the following days, so keep monitoring the auction site in case you happen to also own a Nexus 10 tablet that could use a faster charging cable.