Nexus 10 covers

The Play Store is a wicked mistress.

Sometimes, we get exactly what we want from it. Other times, we go wanting for what seems like an eternity. Then, on days like today, we have things at our disposal we weren’t even aware of. No warning, no alerts… just items coyly slipped in there, as if they belonged the entire time.

Today, the Play Store brought us something new… something we desire greatly. The Nexus 10, that absolute beast of a ten-inch tablet, finally has an official cover. That’s right, a proper cover that takes full advantage of the device.

It attaches to the device by removing that Nexus 10 cover on the back, so it adds minimal bulk. It will also put the screen to sleep once it’s closed, and re-awaken it once it’s opened back up. If you’ve never had a cover that does that before, go ahead and wear out a battery charge entertaining yourself with it. We won’t tell.

The cover also comes in 2 colors, a “Dark Grey” and “Scarlet”. From the pics, Scarlet looks a little more orange than red… but it’s still nice to have a color option. The rounded corners add a nice touch, and finish off the original look nicely.

They are currently on sale for $29.99, and we’d suggest you get them while you can. If Play Store stock levels are any indication, we can’t promise this will be around long… or come back anytime soon. Now, about that pogo charger we’ve been waiting for…

Nexus 10 covers 2

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