Kogan LogoOne of the guys at Gizmodo Australia managed to bump into Ruslan Kogan at an event down under and squeezed him for some information, as well as some time with a prototype of the original Agora Pro smartphone that was canceled.

While no direct quote is attributed to Ruslan Kogan, Gizmodo implies that the next Android attempt from Kogan will feature a 3.8-inch touchscreen display and no physical QWERTY keyboard.

The official explanation as to why the Agora was delayed is still being held quite close to the chest of Ruslan Kogan, but he promises that the idea of a Kogan-branded Android handset is far from dead. The final release model will almost certainly ditch the qwerty keypad for a 3.8-inch, iPhone like touchscreen which will take advantage of the cupcake update’s onscreen keypad. The phone will also definitely run Android.

The post also includes a few live photos of the Agora Pro prototype.