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Next-gen Moto Skip doesn’t just unlock your phone - helps find it, too

New FCC documents out the next-gen Moto Skip, which makes the switch from NFC to Bluetooth technology, while gaining a few new features.
August 25, 2014

Last year Motorola unveiled the Moto X alongside the Skip, a small NFC accessory that made it possible to bypass using a PIN or pattern by instead allowing you to use the Skip as a sort of ‘key’ for unlocking your device. Originally retailing for $20 (now $10), the accessory wasn’t exactly a must-have for many Moto X users, though it was often thrown in for free as a promo item. It seems that Motorola isn’t giving up on the accessory just yet, however.

A set of FCC documents have now surfaced outing the next-gen Skip and revealing that the device is making the switch from NFC over to Bluetooth technology. With the new Skip you’ll not only be able to skip the lockscreen password any time the Bluetooth device is within close proximity, you’ll also be to press a button on the skip to ‘ring’ your phone up so you can find it. This is basically similar to the ring feature in the Android Device Manager but is designed to be a quicker way to find a misplaced phone when you’re getting ready to leave your house, work or wherever.

Interestingly enough, there will also apparently be a special app that will let you ‘ring’ the Skip from your phone as well, which could be handy if your unable to find your keys (providing you attach your Skip to your keys, that is). The app will also be able to bring up the Skip’s last known location, in the event you lose it somewhere out of hearing range.

While there’s no word on pricing or availability just yet, we wouldn’t be surprised if it retails similarly to the original pricing of the 1st-gen Skip, and its all-but guaranteed that we’ll see the new Skip debut alongside the Moto X+1 and Moto G2 early next month.