When Ubuntu first came onto the computing scene, very few people knew how popular it would get in just a short amount of time. Sounds similar to Android doesn’t it? Now the boundaries between smartphone, tablet and notebook are blurring even further, with the advent of ideas like the Ubuntu for Android NexPhone.

dockable phone has been a recent innovation spawned by the increasing need to minimize gadgetry, and simultaneously, always have access to data at one’s fingertips. This is where the ASUS Padfone, Motorola Atrix, and now Canonical NexPhone comes in. A tepid reception for the Atrix does not spell failure for the NexPhone, however. In the words of NexCrea, the driving force behind this device:

“NexPhone will be one single device that can be used at home, at the office, or on the road without the need of synchronizing content or contacts with other devices. The ‘brain in your pocket’ concept is what people have been waiting for, and we envision a world where we carry only our smartphone and connect to any screen in the world to turn them into tablets, laptops, and PCs.”

Sounds good to us! NexCrea is currently having a fundraiser over at Indiegogo and the campaign ends Nov. 14. Unfortunately, total funds raised amount to just under $3K. You would think that a device that can do all of  the following would be a hit with the public:

  • Act as a full desktop PC solution using Ubuntu for Android with a premium suite of desktop apps
  • Act as a tablet when docked to the NexTablet, a superior solution for light Web browsing and Skype calls.
  • Act as a full-blown notebook when docked to the NexLaptop.
  • Act as a 16:9 touchscreen when docked to the wide-screen NexMonitor.

If NexCrea pulls out of its current funding stalemate, the pricing looks to be about $149 for the NexTablet, $199 for the NexLaptop and NexMonitor, and finally, $499 for the NexPhone and associated NexDock that makes the transformative magic happen.