News360 is one of the must-have apps out there for news junkies. It’s got a pretty simple premise: it serves as a news aggregator, culling from more than 4,000 different news sources into one news stream that provides photos and videos. That’s a whole lot of news right there. For those with specific interests, the feed can be narrowed to follow particular people, companies, and topics. This gives subscribers a steady news source that’s often updated real-time. It’s been a hit on Android tablets and it seems the developers have just delivered the News360 to the Android phone platform.

However, that’s not all. It seems that News360 is taking it a step further. They’ve be introducing a new personalization mechanism that is based on several popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and others. Data from these sources would be automatically harvested and personal profiles would be worked up so that content that would be interesting to a particular user be automatically selected and sent to the appropriate feed.

Here’s some more key features of News360:

• Full access to multiple English-speaking news streams, from respected and trustworthy worldwide sources.
• Hyperlinked news enable users to immediately access dossiers on people, companies and brands.
• Local news automatically delivered, depending on location determined by the smart phone’s GPS or WiFi connection.
• TripIt connection ensures that trips are safer, with news alerts to your upcoming destinations flagged.
• Offline reading enabled, just save the stories for later evaluation.

Source: Talk Android

Aerol Bibat
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