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Newkia Android phones will have different branding than Newkia

Newkia Android phones will not have Newkia branding, founder Thomas Zilliacus confirmed to a publication.
September 9, 2013
Nokia Android

Speaking with a publication, Newkia founder Thomas Zilliacus revealed that while his company will make Android handsets, they will not come with Newkia branding.

However, Zilliacus did not tell CNET Asia what the branding will be, although he admitted he has a few ideas in mind.

Zilliacus also said that he won’t take the CEO position at Newkia, as the spot will be filled by someone whose “name you have heard of before.”

While Nokia will never create such devices, as it’s going to be a part of Microsoft, Newkia’s founder is Nokia’s former Asia-Pacific CEO. Other Nokia executives and employees will also work on Newkia devices in the future.

In fact, it looks like some current Nokia employees who don’t want to work for Microsoft will also join Newkia. The company has already received a lot of job applications since announcing its intentions.

Nokia MyOrigo prototype

Newkia will focus only on Android devices, according to what Zilliacus had to say, as it’s not interested in other operating systems like Sailfish or even Windows Phone.

Interestingly, the same Zilliacus showed CNET Asia images of a 10-year old touchscreen Nokia prototype running Symbian (the phone was called MyOrigo) that was dismissed at the time, as the company thought users won’t appreciate “fingerprint smudges” on the display – the device is pictured above.

Finally, Finnish officials are taking Newkia pretty seriously, with one city offering the company free office space in order for the company to base the company in that city. However, Zilliacus plans to have the company based in Singapore, where he has lived for the last 27 years.