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The New York Times Android application gets a big update with overhauled interface and other features

The New York Times application received a pretty big update recently. Not only has the user interface been completely overhauled, but the New York Times app developers have added a few fun features under the hood as well.
September 29, 2012
The New York Times
When it comes to getting your daily news, it doesn’t get much bigger than the New York Times. They always seem to be on the bleeding edge of news and they know what’s going on before most of the world does. Unfortunately, the New York Times Android app doesn’t follow that philosophy. It was still a good news for source, but like newspaper, the user interface was old and outdated.

That all changed recently. The New York Times application recently got a major overhaul. This didn’t just include an overhaul on the user interface. It also includes a number of new features that plays pretty well with the new UI.

To start, everything is Holo themed now. If you’re not familiar with Holo, it’s the user interface styling that has become popular with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. It’s much more intuitive than older styles, and it looks much better too. Of course, the New York Times app gets all the benefits of a UI make over. This includes better app navigation and better app controls.

Aside from a new UI, what else did the New York Times app get?

Under the hood are a few new features. For phones running Ice Cream Sandwich, you can now use the native Text-to-Speech capabilities to have articles read to you by your phone. We haven’t seen a lot of apps take advantage of TTS so it will be interesting to see how New York Times readers react to it.

The widget has also been updated. There’s no indication that the look or style has changed, but you can now see pictures in the widget. It’s not inherently useful, but these little design elements can make the app more enjoyable to some.

Another new feature is the New York Times app will remember what blogs you read the most and place them on top of your blogs list. For people who read only a couple of blogs this can be very useful. Especially if you’ve had trouble finding your favorite in the past.

Lastly, there are now also next article previews. Not a huge deal by any means, but these little elements all combined equal a whole new experience for New York Times readers. A more modern, more updated, and more visually attractive experience.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can find the New York Times app here. To those who frequently use the app, has the update made it better?