Honeycomb users maybe on the cutting edge of Android development, but one of the disadvantages of being on the cutting edge of things is that you’re one of the first adopters – meaning there’s not much there yet. Honeycomb users have been facing the scarcity of apps taking advantage of the Honeycomb’s features, especially the optimization to the tablet form.

However, things are changing and here’s some good news for the Honeycomb users. Ustream, the popular video service, has just launched its official app. With it, users can stream their content live to the web for free and do so on a larger scale than before.

When you hop on over to the Android Market and download this app, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how well polished it looks. The entire interface and style of the program is well-adapted to the tablet environment. So, aside from being nice to look at, what else does it do? Well, Ustream usually enable live video stream watching, however the app allows you to watch both live and archived content. Plus, it can integrate with your tablet and be able to run a stream directly from your Honeycomb tablet – which takes advantage of the cameras usually found on such tablets.

Additional features are based on the social-side of the streaming experience. People can receive immediate feedback about their streams via a real-time stream of comments. You can also run poll directly on the app. It’s not just for tablets either. Supported phones will have these features available – but it won’t be as good as running them on tablets.

Definitely a nicely made app and well-optimized for the tablet environment; something that the Honeycomb platform needs right now.

Source: Androinica

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