Having seen the trailer that Electronic Arts released for Need for Speed: Most Wanted back in June – we understand if you’re rather pumped up for the game’s impending arrival, as it has been hinted to come to Google Play and other platforms on October 30 – though the date may still change.

Since the release date is still potentially weeks away, what could be better – apart from winning the lottery – than to watch the latest trailer for NFS: Most Wanted.

Bear in mind that this is a live action trailer.  It’s only towards the end of the video that you’ll see the in-game footage, which EA has seamlessly combined with the former. But hey, you get to see tons of cool cars – real ones – which will all be featured in the game. We just hope that the Android version of the NFS: Most Wanted would do the trailer(s) justice.

How do you like the new trailer? Looking forward even more to get your hands on the game? Share your excitement with other speed junkies in the comments below.