Just when touchscreen phones were starting to feel boring, reports of a new technology is on the brink of exposure. With this new technology, you can actually feel something on the virtual surface of your device. The innovator responsible for this revolutionary technology, a company called Senseg.

According to their website, the company describes itself as:

Senseg, an industry leader in innovative touchscreen interface solutions, has been awarded the prestigious title of Cool Vendor by world-leading analyst firm Gartner.

This is a lot different from the haptic feedback supplemented by current technology. Instead of vibrating the device through mobile parts, the new technology will actually change the surface friction underneath your fingertips. As a result, you get to feel the texture of what’s being displayed on your screen. This is unbelievably incredible. Ultimately, we believe that this could be the biggest innovation for the blind users as this could introduce the functionality of Braille language.

This new innovation is expected to hit both smartphones and tablets as early as next year.

[Source: CNET]


Christine Torralba
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