Samsung has never denied it has trouble making Android tablets thrive, especially now, that it has lost quite a few battles in the legal war against Apple. But that doesn’t mean the smartphone kings won’t put up a fight.

According to some fresh FCC filings, Sammy seems to be preparing the launch of two new Android tablets in the near future, going by the codenames SGH-i497 and GT-P8110. And while we already knew part of the company’s tablet plans for this fall, that second gadget is a complete surprise.

This is the first time we’ve been hearing about the GT-P8110 codename, and, frankly, we have no idea what to make of this tablet. FCC’s internal certification documents don’t help us one bit in unraveling the mystery, only unveiling that the tab will come with a 10-inch screen, 802.11n WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, and NFC support.

It’s possible for the gadget to be some kind of a tweaked version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it would be a bit too early to already release a successor for the Tab 2 10.1, which has only hit the market three months ago. Then again, neither the first-edition Tab 10.1, nor the Tab 2 came with NFC capabilities; it’s not impossible for Sammy to release a gadget with the exact same spec sheet as the Tab 2 and with that single added feature.

Samsung’s codenaming has been a bit hectic of late, so unfortunately that P8110 bears no hint in how could this new gadget look. The first Tab 10.1 was codenamed P7500, the second one P5100, while the Tab 7.0 Plus is also known as the P6200, so we see no logical sequence there.

As for the other new Samsung slate spotted over at FCC, this is pretty much an open book for us. The SGH-i497 is, by all speculation, the 4G LTE-enabled version of the Galaxy Note 10.1. As some of you might already know, the Note 10.1 has been unveiled and even started selling in its Wi-Fi and 3G versions, with the LTE model being scheduled to launch “later this year”.

There’s nothing spectacular in FCC’s filing of the LTE Note 10.1, as we already know the tablet’s full spec sheet, including its quad-core processor and digital pen support.

Anyone excited about the LTE Note 10.1? How about that likely NFC-enabled version of the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1?