For those afraid that our right to personal privacy is slowly disappearing, there’s a new example of law enforcement procedure to support that concern. If you’re suspected of a crime or arrested in London, Metropolitan Police now has a new system enabling them to almost instantly extract data from your mobile device.

The new system, carried out with a device called ACESO, is supplied by UK mobile forensics company Radio Tactics. Metropolitan Police authorities will use the system to download all call log, photo, video, social media, and text message information on phones. Previously, phones had to be sent to a forensics lab to gather data from a phone suspected to have been used in a crime.

The issue of privacy, both on personal devices and in general, is a hot button worldwide. While the ability to solve a crime quickly is great, many would say that personal rights are even more important. Citizens are rightly reticent to trust government and law enforcement, so such news is at best seen as a double-edged sword.

Perhaps most concerning is that it appears that London police may be able to use ACESO to download your information if you’re simply suspected of a crime. Even worse, it’s not clear if the information is kept if you are cleared. Here’s hoping that policy dictates they do the right thing and delete the phone data of innocent citizens.

While everyone hopes that law enforcement always has the best intentions in mind, that isn’t always the case. Even when they do, no one is perfect, and even with the best of intentions sometimes police will go beyond what is allowed by law to solve a crime. With that in mind, anyone concerned with privacy rights should be suspect of abuse with the ACESO system.

What say you, loyal readers? Would you say this new Metropolitan Police policy is a good or bad thing?