A few days ago we showed you a new Samsung advertising direction, with the company pitching to business users its Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 smartphones in a new TV ad – the phones are, thanks to their SAFE features, safe and secure for business.

If you liked the first commercial about unicorns and Samsung products, you’ll certainly love the second one as well. Without completely spoiling the 30-second TV ad for you, we’ll tell you that it’s called “The Leak” and that it still stars the Unicorn Apocalypse game.

The first moral of the story is that, obviously, the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 are more secure for business, at least according to Samsung. That said, it’s clear that Samsung is not putting all of its money where its mouth is, as there are plenty of Samsung product rumors and leaks out there that must originate from inside the company.

But then again, some leaks are necessary to keep the buzz around certain products months before they’re official – say the upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone or future Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab tablets – and won’t be stopped by internal SAFE products usage, will they?

On a different note, considering all the talk about Unicorn Apocalypse, what if Samsung turned the concept into an actual mobile game?