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New Samsung Galaxy S4 TV ad "Swaddle Master", the cutest thing you'll watch today [video]

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 ad is called "Swaddle Master" and has a big chance of being the cutest video you'll watch all day.
June 4, 2013
Samsung Galaxy S4 TV ad

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 TV ad called “Swaddle Master” has every chance of being the cutest video you’ll watch today.

This one doesn’t make fun of Apple, like the Pool Party one did, rather preferring to highlight some of the Galaxy S4’s features in a fun and cute way, which appeals even to iPhone users (as seen in a couple of comments on YouTube).

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 TV ad shows a young daddy that’s left alone at home with the baby while the wife is out running some errands. He’s doing his best to swaddle the baby, and wisely uses some of the Samsung Galaxy S4’s features in the process, starting with Air Gesture, which he uses to answer the phone.

Then, he uses S Voice to find the best swaddling technique video, and then Smart Pause to stop the video while actually performing the tasks described in it. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

Samsung deserves all the credit for the Galaxy S4 TV ad campaign, as it has managed to promote its flagship device in a fun way, that highlights its features in a manner that’s not at all too technical. That way, a larger number of potential buyers are reached. The strategy is obviously paying off, if you look at the sales figures the Korean giant has achieved.

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