Air View in action

Are you still undecided about whether to buy yourself a swanky new Samsung Galaxy S4? Perhaps Samsung’s latest advertisement for its flagship handset will help you part with your cash. It is, after all, “the next big thing”.

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It looks like Samsung has manage to find some form again with this short ad, especially after the disappointing advertisements seen around the launch event for the Galaxy S4. Personally, I think that it tops the selection of ads we saw a couple of weeks ago too, but sadly there’s no Apple mockery this time.

Amusing? Yes I suppose, but will it help you decide if the Galaxy S4 is really the right phone for you? Like many others of it’s kind, this one is meant to showcase a very cool feature, and the S4 is definitely packed with them. If having to touch your phone to pause a video is troublesome, then the S4 may be perfect for you.

If advertisements aren’t your thing, then feel free to check out our own review of the Galaxy S4, which might be a little better at helping you make that all important decision regarding your next handset. It’s a great handset, but like anything Android, there are many other options. Let us know which device you have in the comments section below!

Robert Triggs
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