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New Samsung Galaxy S3 disguised prototype appears

The devices looks to feature Android 4.0
April 25, 2012

With the launch of Samsung’s “next Galaxy” only a week away, the torrent of Galaxy S3 rumors is showing no signs of slowing down yet. We’d already seen how Samsung is using disguised prototypes of the device when sending it out for network testing, to avoid any design leaks. But, there have been numerous leaks and speculation about these dummy boxes themselves, and here’s another one. This leak is courtesy of Chinese mobile forum, Mobile01. The page has been removed since the news broke.

Of course, this is not the final design of the device at all, which is very obvious, with notes and tape all over the device. But, the leak, if true, does give us some useful insight into what Samsung is hoping to achieve with its next flagship device:

  • It features Android 4.0 with a TouchWiz layering
  • The prototype suggests that Samsung is looking to include a physical home button (as previous leaks have suggested)
  • The above device features the Android 4.0-recommended virtual buttons
  • The position of the virtual menu keys have been switched around, with the recent apps moving to the left and the back button shifting to the right
  • The “Twonky Server” app features an additional virtual button (seen above), which might suggest that Samsung isn’t happy with in-app menu options

Of course, no conclusive evidence about this device being the Samsung Galaxy S3 can be found in this latest leak. One of the most important points that makes me feel like this might not be accurate is the presence of the Android Market, which should’ve been updated to the Play Store by now.

Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor. Why does it feel like May 3 is ages away? You can visit the website for the Samsung Unpacked event here.

What are  your thoughts? If the leak is true, how do you like the design changes – the virtual keys and the additional 4th menu option when using apps? Physical button – yes or no? Let us know in the comments section below.