Rumors are a dime a dozen, so we want you to take the following article with a few fistfuls of salt. According to SamMobile, which isn’t ashamed to call themselves Samsung fanbois, here are three things Samsung is planning to launch in 2013.

One, the next Galaxy S. Their source tells them that it’s going to be announced in April and that internally the device is known as “Project J”. There are rumors flying around the internet saying it’s going to have a 1080p screen and a quad core processor under the hood, but those rumors are not from this SamMobile source. So why “Project J”? We don’t really know. We can only hope it’ll become more clear in the months ahead.

Two, Samsung wants people to fall in love with big phones, but they know people are cost conscious, so they’re going to launch a cheaper Note II. Said device will not have a stylus, it’ll be slower than the Note II, and SamMobile thinks it might even use an LCD instead of an AMOLED.

Three, the detachable screen form factor that ASUS nailed with their Transformer portfolio, Samsung is going to bet big on that. They’re going to launch a 13.3 inch tablet that uses the same basic design principles as the Transformer. It wasn’t said if this new device will run Chrome OS or Android, so feel free to speculate.

What do we think of all these rumors? The first one isn’t really important. Codenames? Who cares. The second one is really interesting, especially considering an article we published earlier today about a $200 5.3 inch Chinese smartphone. The Note II admittedly is pretty damn expensive, so we’re highly intrigued to see what Samsung can do to make monster phones more affordable. And as for the 13.3 inch tablet with a keyboard … we need more information before making a judgement call.

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