Sony Ericsson has had a bit of a topsy-turvy time with its Android phones over the years. Its earlier attempts, including the Xperia X1 and Xperia X10, never got the balance right to a certain extent. The company’s latest attempt, then, is the Xperia X8, a small-but-not-tiny Android smartphone.

Recently, there have been leaks about Sony Ericsson’s rumored Cyber-shot Android phone. This time, it’s the Sony Ericsson ST18i “Asuza” and the CK15i that has apparently leaked. The ST18i “Asuza” could be somehow the replacement to the Xperia X8 and has a resemblance to the Xperia Mini. It is speculated to have a 3.3-inch display and run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. On the other hand, the CK15i is another new touchscreen and QWERTY smartphone and is believed to be released as Sony Ericsson txt pro. It is also speculated to have a slide-out keyboard the same as the new Xperia Mini Pro.

Most likely, these new smartphones from Sony Ericsson wont be high-end smartphones,but rather, settle in the mid-range somewhere. For those who would like to have a larger display compared to the Xperia Mini but not as big as the Xperia Arc, probably you would love the ST18i. Also, it has twin cameras with the rear one having a LED flash. Its specs are speculated to include an unspecified ARM Cortex A8 processor. While the CK15i, it will have a 3.3-inch display and would be running 240 x 400.

We are still uncertain about the debut of these smartphones, however, reports indicate that it could be arriving towards the latter part of May, 2011. There are hearsays that Sony Ericsson moving further to have Facebook inside the Xperia system. Any thoughts?

Source: AndroidCommunity