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New Paragon Android app lets you easily connect your phone or tablet to Windows and Mac drives

July 19, 2012

Although there are many easy and convenient ways to hook up a PC to an Android-based smartphone and/or tablet these days, there still isn’t a cohesive and accessible solution around for connecting both Mac and Windows formatted drives to mobile devices.

The compatibility issues are the main reason why you’ll have a very tough job in transferring files between such devices – media used on an Android device needs to be formatted as a FAT32 drive, while Windows and Mac drives are NTFS and HFS+ formatted.

Sure, you can e-mail yourself files, copy them from a laptop to a phone or tablet with the help of an SD card, but why go through such inconvenient procedures when you can do everything straightforward and extremely quickly? Well, you can’t, you might answer, but that’s because you haven’t met Paragon’s new Android app, available as a free download in Google Play.

The Paragon NTFS & HFS+ app (I know, not the most inspired name), is a very easy to use software that allows you to attach to your Android-powered device any NTFS or HFS+ flash drives or hard disk drives and handle them as if they were FAT32-formatted in the first place.

You can copy files from both Windows and Mac drives without the need to change any settings, reformat or make efforts of any kind, so convenience and ease of use are the key words here. Then again, there is a catch for the app, at least for the time being.

In fact, there are two issues you might encounter with Paragon NTFS & HFS+. First off, the app is still in beta, so you might deal with bugs or glitches here and there. That’s not much of an inconvenience, though, especially considering that the developers have promised they will listen to user feedback very carefully and act accordingly.

What could be a major annoyance, however, is making the app work on your specific phone or tablet, as there are some pretty special conditions to be fulfilled. Although it will technically work on any gadget running Android 2.3 or higher, you need to root your device before making use of the app and use an adapter to connect the drives.

Moreover, your phone or tablet has to support USB storage, and officially there aren’t many such devices, especially among the ones released more than a year ago. Then again, there are a bunch of custom ROMs around that take care of that inconvenience for some particular gadgets, so the more industrious Android users will probably have no problem in making Paragon’s new app work.

Enjoy and don’t forget to get back to us with your opinions on the app if you decide to take it for a spin.