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New Nokia Lumia 1020 commercial pokes fun at Samsung vs iPhone rivalry

The latest commercial for Nokia’s Lumia 1020 plays on the animosity that exists between Android and iOS fans.
August 22, 2013
nokia lumina 1020 ad samsung apple

Want to make your product stand out? Easy, just make fun of the incumbent market leader and position your own product as hip and fresh. Apple did it to great effect with the Mac vs PC series, then Samsung took it to the next level with its ongoing series of Galaxy vs iPhone commercials.

Nokia seems to be gunning for the same approach, except they target two players at once – Samsung and Apple. After the spot it launched in April had wedding goers go at each other throats in the name of smartphone allegiance, Nokia is revisiting the topic with this Lumia 1020 commercial:

The ad includes the obligatory reference to taking pics with an iPad (seriously, why do people do that?) but also to the software features that Samsung loves so much to tout (Drama Shot, bump to share, etc.) Naturally, the Lumia 1020 emerges as the superior option, that the laidback, good-looking people use.

Regardless which side you’re on, good natured ads like this serve to remind that fanboyism isn’t cool, don’t you agree?