Nexus is the brand of Google’s own line of Android smartphones and while they don’t make these devices themselves, it’s one of the most popular phones around for those who like using the dessert-themed OS. That’s because it’s always the first set of devices that get the newest updates, which invariably gets app developers all excited and tingly inside when they do.

It also has none of the bells and whistles manufacturers and carriers often put in their devices, leaving you with a pure, unadulterated Android experience.

The Nexus One was the first of device in this brand which was highly praised and the Nexus S, the next iteration, had its ups and downs. Given that, someone asked Andy Rubin, Android chief, during a press conference if Google will be continuing this line of devices. The answer was yes, and it should be out this year.

Rubin didn’t pin down when though but according to speculations, the device might be a stocking-stuffer just in time for the holiday rush. Don’t make reservations yet though but do expect it to be yet another great flagship device to root and tinker with.

Whenever it is, expect manufacturers to be going head over heels wooing the Mountain View company. After all, being endorsed by Google itself amounts to a lot of free publicity, especially to the target market of these phones. Will it be the Korean manufacturer that’s always a bridesmaid, LG, or will it be the mobile phone founding father Motorola? Maybe even a Nexus-branded tablet is in the works?