new nexus 7 hugo barra

Does the new Nexus 7 sound like something you want? Maybe, like a lot of others, you watched the Breakfast with Sundar event this morning, and became a bit enamored with the new device. You marvelled at its newness, the promise of a crisp new screen with a faster processor mocking your old tablet.

Then, you looked at your checking account, and saw that while that new tablet was really cool, it may be out of the cards for a while. Money is tight, and a new tablet is not something you can talk yourself into right now.

Or, maybe like so many others, you’re just anxious to get the new stuff. If you want your old tablet to look like the new Nexus 7, you can. Android Police have grabbed the wallpapers from the new Nexus 7 for us, which unfortunately doesn’t have the metro background from the press images. You can download them and check them out via Imgur, which has them all.

Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below!