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Watch the new Nexus 7 video. Today, Google Play

July 27, 2012

Google is continuing its series of videos about the Nexus 7 on YouTube, to get people more interested in it and see how it works. The latest ones are the Google Apps video, and now the Google Play video.

While I wish Google promoted even more heavily the Nexus 7 and the Nexus experience in general on TV, to get the mainstream interested in Google’s stock Android experience, releasing videos on Youtube is also a good promotion strategy for the younger crowd who searches YouTube for anything.

This new Google Play video for Nexus 7 puts the emphasis on the Nexus 7’s content and content widgets. Personally, I love the idea of focusing more on widgets, as I think it’s one of Android’s main strengths but it’s not being fully utilized. This is why I liked the Chameleon UI project a lot, and I hope Google keeps moving in that direction to further distance itself from Apple, and even from Microsoft’s Windows 8, with its more “primitive” widgets, or live tiles as they like to call them.

Google is also doing the right thing promoting its Play Store content, because a lot of people know about iTunes content or Amazon’s content, but they have no idea about Google’s content. Even more importantly, they are not used to going to the Play Store and buying movies, music or books, and I think Google needs to heavily promote its content if they want the Nexus 7 to be seen as a “media tablet” by mainstream buyers.